Infringement notice – OFFSHORECORPTALK.COM
Legal notice served to under provision of the GDPR laws.
Legal issue: #037483 – September 20, 2019.  Legal Department, Rashal International LLC.

We take full note of the following blogging site,, which is a one-man driven website, has, on September 20, 2019, been served a legal notice by KUVAK LAW LLP, our legal representative in Germany for jeopardising with our client and Rashal International LLC reputation.

This Blog, apparently run by the said person, ‘Eric Sanderberg’ a resident of Belize(as mentioned in his blogging platform and as confirmed by his domain name’s Registrar is actually a scammer who extorts money from legimate companies by publishing fake and innacurate information on legitimate companies on the following blogging site,

In many occasions, the Administrator of this Blogging platform, (through the pseudonym of ‘Darkster’) has contacted Rashal International LLC to point us out about our information and posts on his blogging platform.  The said person, ‘Darkster’ has also asked for 10,000 Euros to remove the fake readings regarding our company.

We were also contacted by several companies who informed us that even they had their information on their blogging site which was published in the only objective to harm them, and they were totally unaware of that, and the person by the name of Darkster would do the same with them, ask money for the removal of their information.  One of our Client, who is a Payment Processor registered in UK had the similar issues with them, our Client, without knowing, has paid them 5000 Euros, but they were asking for more money and the fake posts pertaining to our client has never been removed.

Rashal International LLC is also enrolled and adheres to the GDPR European acts, we have taken the required legal measures to remove or suspend the domain name, in a more diligent way.

Please find below screenshots of the email which was sent to us by the Admin (Eric Sanderberg) of recently:

This is the first email received by us from, when our Legal Department contacted

This is a clear matter of scam, others may have fell in this trap but Rashal International LLC has its own ways and means to deal with such type of issues legally and internationally“.

Rashal International LLC Legal Department.