Authorize.Net Global API Credit Card Gateway (Certified & Latest)


Authorize.Net Accept Hosted is a mobile-optimized payment form, hosted by Authorize.Net. This next-generation solution replaces the previous hosted form, which used our legacy SIM API.




This Plugin is compatible with WordPress(Woocommerce, Joomla, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento & Drupal.
Following steps are applicable applicable for all compatible platforms.

  • Step 1. Using the Authorize.Net API, call the getHostedPaymentPageRequest method. The API response contains a form-validation token.
  • Step 2. Using the form-validation token returned in Step 1, embed the payment form or redirect the customer to the payment form by sending an HTML Form POST to our URL:
  • Step 3. The customer fills in the payment form and submits it. The API sends the transaction to Autheorize.Net for processing. The customer is returned to your site, which displays a result page, based on the URL followed or the response information sent.



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